Freebie Information

From time to time there will be a product offered for free on our homepage.  These products  are free to download for your personal use only.  Files may not be shared, edited or resold.  If you would like to share this file, please share a link.  If you would like to use this file for commercial use, then please purchase the file.
How to get the freebie:
1.  In order to obtain a freebie, the item must be added to your cart and checkout completed.  If there are no other items in your cart, your total will be zero and you won't be charged.
2.  After completing checkout, make sure you download the file.  Freebies are only available for a limited time.  Once it is sold out, you will no longer be able to download it.
Is the freebie sold out but you still want it?  Each freebie has a link for purchase.